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Logging the Serpentine Coupe

The Jarrahdale Forest Protectors wish to lodge an objection to the proposed logging of the Serpentine Coupe, in the 2020 Indicative Harvest Plan.

We would like to know the cost/benefit analysis of logging such a small area so far north of other logging activity.

We are acutely aware that the last logging effort of the Mundlimup coupe, again quite a small area, was not justified as over half the high grade logs went to firewood.

This is not in accord with the Forest Management Plan. The methods used were also very destructive with unnecessary damage to vegetation, as agreed by your representative and by the DBCA officer.

If any forest management is to be undertaken in this area, thinning, as in the Djarlma Plan (FPC 2019) would be much more appropriate and would be welcomed by our group.

The Jarrahdale area is becoming increasingly popular with walkers and is of more value to society as a reasonably good section of forest, than what little timber will be sold.

We acknowledge that the area is located predominantly within the reservoir protection zone of the Serpentine Dam (2km buffer), however, we consider that future changes to legislation may result in this buffer being reduced or removed, thus making the area available to the public for recreation, plus, it will be a more mature forest.

We also note that the general area has been recently drilled by Alcoa in preparation for their next 5-year mine plan.

The Jarrahdale Forest Protectors oppose the expansion of the Huntly Mine north of the Serpentine River and have communicated this clearly with the company.

Should we, however, be successful, any mature forest left relatively close to town will increase in importance, especially taking into consideration the extensive damage that has already been caused by Alcoa’s historic bauxite mining north-east of Jarrahdale , plus the impact of recent and semi-recent logging.  Alternatively, if mining proceeds, FPC would be logging in the larger area anyhow, making it even more uneconomic to do it ahead of that time. 

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