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Jarrahdale Forest Protectors Contact
Please submit our contact form if you would like to get further information about our efforts to reduce the area which Alcoa is seeking to obtain to further mine for bauxite.
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(1) Any person who supports the objects or purposes of the Association is eligible to apply to become a member (2) The Committee must consider each application for membership of the Association and decide whether to accept or reject the application. (3) A new member must be given, electronically or by hard copy if preferred, a copy of these Rules (4) Each member has one vote at a meeting. (5) Members can attend a meeting and vote via electronic means A person ceases to be a member when any of the following takes place - (a) The person resigns from the Association (b) Fails to attend the AGM without an apology (c) Does any such thing that in the opinion of 75% of the members is detrimental to the association. Associate membership Associate members may attend all events that a member is entitled to. However they are not eligible to vote at general meetings nor annual general meetings nor serve as officers or management committee members. By ticking I agree you are accepting all conditions and understand that you will be put onto a mailing list, you can choose to opt out of the mailing list if you wish to do so. Please tick "I agree"

Once we have your application we will advise if you are approved and you can either pay your subs in cash at a meeting or event or deposit into our bank account, details are here.

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