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Bauxite Mining Threat

The Northern Jarrah Forest is in imminent risk of losing important biodiversity, cultural and heritage values. JFP – Save Our Jarrah strives to protect a large section of the Northern Jarrah Forest near Jarrahdale, Western Australia for future generations.

The natural, cultural, environmental and economic attributes and characteristics of this small area of the Northern Jarrah Forest is worthy of recognition, protection and preservation.  Values that are highlighted by the proximity aspects of tourism, a range of trails activity, equestrian pursuits, honey production, value added timber production, stream zone and water retention assets.

These assets are reflective of the appreciation the local and Western Australian community has for this area and it should be quarantined from any future mining and traditional logging operations. Some of the groups, organisations and areas adversely affected by mining and traditional logging are:

  • Walking and cycling Groups
  • Orienteering and equestrian groups
  • Local and WA history attributes
  • Wildflower and honey producers
  • Fine furniture Loggers, makers or producers
  • Environmental and scientific groups
  • Landcare
  • Stream Zone and Water Protection
  • Amenity and Safety

Jarrahdale Forest Protectors with their “Save Our Jarrah” campaign supported by the broader local and Western Australian community are seeking an exemption from Alcoa’s mining operations for the area ‘Myara North’.