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Jarrahdale Forest Protectors (JFP) is a local NFP organisation whose objective it is to preserve the Northern Jarrah forest for the benefit of our community and future generations. 

We seek to protect the forest around Jarrahdale from logging and bauxite mining.  We are running a campaign called  “Save Our Jarrah” see our facebook page.

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Find out a lot more on WA Forest Alliance website.

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To inform the public and key decision-makers of what is happening in the forests of Jarrahdale and the imminent risk of losing important biodiversity, cultural and heritage values of the Northern Jarrah Forest, and to protect Northern Jarrah Forrest near Jarrahdale for future generations.

In the past, there has been extensive logging and mining in the Jarrahdale area. The intention of JFP is to preserve a section of easily accessible forest in this high rainfall location so that it may recover from the effects of past activities, to remain as a restored forest as a legacy for all people.

BENEFITS of preserving the forest

  • Preservation of the existing forest to nurture:
    Bio-diversity – plants, animals and insects
  • Rainfall retention, water production
  • Carbon storage
  • High-quality jarrah forest
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Honey production
  • Recreational activities both passive and active
  • Employment opportunities
  • Education and research
  • Health benefits
  • Tourism
Alcoa Bauxite Mining Operations
Jarrahdale Forest Under Threat
Jarrahdale Forest Tour
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Save native animals

Save our Jarrah forest from bauxite mining.
This is the ONLY Jarrah forest in the World

We must stop it from being destroyed

You can find out a lot more information on the WA Forest Alliance Website.